6 Genius Apps You Need If You Drive

Genius Apps You've Need If You Drive

There are approximately 1.6 million (Yes, million) apps on the Android app store and approximately 1.5 million on the Apple app store. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to waste time trying to filter out all the apps that either don’t work properly, don’t have good reviews or are just plain spam. How can you even begin to wade through the onslaught of useless apps to find the ones that can actually make a difference to your daily life?

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful apps for drivers that can help make your day a little easier and even save you some extra cash.

Most of these apps are free to download. However, we have included a few that either require you to pay for them on the app store, or that include a paid service (i.e. parking).


wazeWaze – [Free] 

Tired of sitting in traffic? Bored of having to “gamble” on which route to work will get you there quicker? Then Waze might be the app you’re looking for. 

At it’s core, Waze is a simple navigation app. However, it’s real benefit comes from the fact that it contains a huge community of drivers all over the country that provides real-time information on the state of the roads and traffic in your local area which serves to save you time and precious gas money.

This one is especially useful if you’re a daily commuter and want to stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly delays (or just don’t want to stay on the boss’ good side!).

It’s a bit like having a huge group of friends constantly looking out for you whilst you’re on the roads!


GasBuddyGasBuddy – [Free]

Ever wondered if you’re paying too much for fuel? Or if you drove a couple minutes down the road, could you save yourself a few dollars? Imagine if you could do that every time you fill up? The savings would soon add up!

If that sounds like you, then GasBuddy is the app for you. Gasbuddy is an app designed to help you price shop for fuel prices in your local area in real-time. With a huge community of users regularly updating prices for gas stations all over North America you can quickly find out which gas station in your area is currently offering the best price. Then all you need to do is drive there and fill ‘er up!

The best part about this app is the fact that regular people are updating the app to make the experience better for everyone, if you see a price difference on the app, then be sure to update it yourself so other people can make decisions accurately.


ParkWhizParkWhiz – [Free to download – charge for services]

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. That feeling of driving round in a circle just waiting for a parking space to become available. Are that couple about to pull out? No, they’re just putting something in the trunk of their car…  What about that old man? Is he….no he’s just re-adjusting for the millionth time. What to do?!?

Don’t worry. Forget all that nonsense. ParkWhiz is an app that will let you pre-book a parking space. Yes, you heard it. Pre-book. Feel that relief? And it couldn’t be simpler.

All you do is simply input your destination into the app and you’ll see a list of available spaces in the area, how long they’re available for, on which dates and at what times. Then you simply book the space and show your ParkWhiz pass at the gate.

Change of plans? Don’t worry, ParkWhiz spaces can be cancelled up until the reservation time.


ParkingPandaParkingPanda – [Free to download – charge for services]

Similar to ParkWhiz, ParkingPanda focuses on helping you find a parking spot at different events.

ParkingPanda have partnered with sports leagues, stadiums and family attractions so you have one less thing to worry about on your day out.

Again, the process is simple. Type in your destination, find a spot and book it. Done. ParkingPanda even uses a referral program so you can earn free parking by sharing the app with your friends and family.


Find my CarFind My Car – [Free]

Once you’ve parked your car and been for a nice lunch with those friends you haven’t seen in forever, you’ve got to find your car again…

Easier said than done if you’re in a new city and simply don’t know your way around. There is a solution, however.

Find My Car is a simple app that lets you store the location of your car when you park. Then when you want to find it again, it will give you directions back to where you parked using GPS location services.

No more wandering aimlessly around the wrong car park on the other side of town, because you “Could’ve sworn this is where I parked…”.


TripAlyizerTripAlyizer – [$5.99]

TripAlyizer is an app that gives you a score based on your driving habits. It’s designed to help make you aware of how you drive and what you can do to drive better and more economically so that you can save money on future trips.

It covers lots of different aspects such as speed, distance, miles per gallon. It can even help you work out your CO2 emissions. The app will update you via audio every 4 minutes so that you can adjust your driving habits on-the-go.

As an added bonus, you can also track the amount of fuel you pump at the station and work out how much you’re spending on a weekly or monthly basis. Wish you knew how much your truck really costs to run? Now you can.
Hopefully some of these apps will be useful for you. We suggest that you give them a try and see if they can make a difference to your driving life. You never know, you might wonder how you and your vehicle ever managed without them!


6 Genius Apps You Need If You Drive

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