Best Car Washes in Rochester

Car washes Rochester

Those of us who love our cars love for them to be sparkling clean. A clean car indicates that the owner takes pride in their vehicle and wants to keep it looking its best. The most reliable way to get an exceptional car wash is to do it by hand, as that’s virtually the only way to hit every crevice and problem spot on your vehicle. Unfortunately, hand-washing is very time-consuming. Automatic car washes sacrifice thoroughness for speed and convenience.

That’s not to say automatic washes don’t do a great job considering their speed and the wide array of vehicle shapes and sizes they can accommodate. Indeed, automatic washes have become very sophisticated, using computers and sometimes lasers to calculate the precise timing and adjustment of equipment necessary to achieve a superb wash.

But enough of the technical talk. The point is you need to wash your car to keep it looking great, and if you’re looking for good places to get it washed in the Rochester area, check out the following list and see which business best suits your needs. Some companies offer additional automotive services besides the wash, which means you can knock out two errands (or three) in one stop.

1.  Royal Car Wash

Locations: Greece (just down the road from us), Brighton, Henrietta

Slogan: “A new level of clean for your car, with service worthy of a bygone era.”


The Skinny: Royal Car Wash is all about bringing the kind of customer service you saw decades ago to the modern day. The staff is friendly, helpful, and will not try to upsell you on your wash. They offer three wash tiers as well as the option to add a hot wax treatment, and you select and purchase your wash at a touch-screen kiosk. The more expensive washes come with a 24-hour or five-day guarantee. Your car is dried by high-powered blowers at the end of the wash, eliminating the “guilt-trip you for tips” treatment you may receive from staff who hand-dry your vehicle at other establishments. Using only the best cleaning products from Simoniz, ArmorAll and Rain-X, Royal Wash is the perfect choice if you want a car wash with excellent service but without all the extra frills.


2.  Buckmans Car Wash

Locations: Brockport, Spencerport, Greece, Brighton, Chili, Penfield

Slogan: “Your hometown car wash!”


The Skinny: Buckmans prides itself on being locally owned and community focused. They offer four wash tiers with satisfaction guarantees and hot wax treatment with the highest tier. The Brockport and Spencerport locations also feature four coin-operated, self-service bays open 24-7. Detailing services are additionally offered at the Brockport, Chili, Brighton and Greece locations, with options including interior cleaning, carpet shampooing, Rain-X window treatment, and more. If you want the choice between an automatic or self-service wash and the ability to get some detailing done while you’re there, go to Buckmans.


3.  Classy Chassy Car Wash

Locations: Brockport, Greece (2 locations), North Gates, Westgate, Rochester, Irondequoit, Fairport

Slogan: “The most technologically advanced car wash available!”


The Skinny: All Classy Chassy locations are self-service and open 24-hours. Most locations provide standard self-service bays complete with vacuum stations, but the real gem of this operation is the automatic laser wash. First, you select your wash and pay at the automated machine, and then you pull into the completely open wash bay–there’s no need to line up with any tracks. The computerized wash system uses lasers to determine your car’s dimensions and cleans your vehicle without the use of any brushes. High-pressure water jets blast the dirt away, eliminating the possibility of your paint being scratched or damaged. The wash finishes with a laser-guided air dry. If you want a no-touch wash you can visit at any time of the day or night, give Classy Chassy a try.


4.  Delta Sonic Car Wash

Locations: Greece, Irondequoit, Rochester, Henrietta, Webster, Penfield

Slogan: “The kissing clean car wash.”


The Skinny: Delta Sonic offers a wide array of services, maximizing the value you can get out of a trip to one of their locations. To begin, they offer three touchless wash tiers, and the “Super Kiss” washes include vouchers for an additional one or two free washes of the same kind within a specified period. All locations also sell gasoline so you can fill up right after your wash. The Greece, Henrietta, Webster and Penfield locations offer detailing services (such as rustproofing, express details, and full details), auto restyling (upholstery repair, wheel rim repair, and dent repair), and oil changes complete with 18-point inspections. Delta Sonic offers just about any standard automotive service you could want, short of full-fledged repairs. Go there if you want to get everything done at one place.


5.  Evergreen Car Wash

Location: Downtown Rochester

Slogan: “Only locally owned and operated car wash and detail shop!”


The Skinny: This family-owned car wash has been operating for more than 50 years in the same location, and its management boasts 20 years in the business. It offers three tiers of soft cloth washes with guarantees ranging from 24 hours to 2 weeks, and it also provides interior and exterior detailing services (including shampooing, buffing and polishing, engine steam cleaning, and headlight polishing). Evergreen also offers two unique services: self-storage rentals, with two sizes of units to choose from, and Budget moving truck rentals in 10’, 16’, and 24’ sizes. Check them out for convenient storage and moving solutions near Edgerton, Maplewood, Upper Falls, 19th Ward and Lyell-Otis. Aside from these amenities, Evergreen Car Wash delivers the kind of personal touch you would expect from an experienced, family-owned business.

Now that you know a few of the best car washes in Rochester and what they have to offer, you should be able to choose the establishment that’s right for you. It all comes down to where you are, what you want, and what your preferences are.

Do you know a car wash we missed on our list? Or maybe you just disagree with one of our choices? Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments. And as always, check out the rest of our website if you want to schedule service, order a part, or simply ask us a question.



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