Reasons to Drive a Toyota

There are many great reasons to drive a Toyota, including fuel efficiency, reliability, the Toyota Care Program, and many more!  Here at Vanderstyne Toyota we have two people who are especially proud to be driving a Toyota.  Check out what Jessica and Annaliesa love so much about their vehicles.

What I love about my Toyota

By Jessica Gaspar

When people ask me what I drive, I proudly say I drive a Toyota.

“But, it’s not American,” is the usual rebuttal.

What? How is my Toyota not American? My Avalon was made in Kentucky and has only been serviced at Vanderstyne Toyota! How can it be any more American?

Other than being a tried-and-true American, my favorite quality is my Toyota’s reliability. My Avalon is cranking at 15 years old, has 198,000 miles, and is still going strong. My grandmother tells me it drives like-new — a huge testament to its quality. All of its original features still work – the leather heated seats, power sliding moonroof, auto-dimming rearview mirror, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, power locks, and power windows.

I am meticulous about keeping up on its factory-recommended maintenances (ie. oil changes, tune-ups, timing belt, and transmission, coolant, and power steering services).

In the 10 years I’ve owned my car, I’ve only had one major repair – the original water pump and radiator. Not only has my Toyota paid for itself and then some, I still average between 22 and 25 mpg, which is fantastic for my V6 beauty!

When customers ask me how long they can expect to keep their Toyota, I ask them, “Well, how long would you like to keep it?” because it will surely outlast their expectations.

In short, my Avalon has never let me down. It is American made, and I am Toyota proud!

Distracted Driving

By Annaliesa Gelabert

As a young adult, cellphones play a large part in daily activities. I personally text a lot; family and friends mainly. You can connect instantly with someone who can make you laugh, give support, and answer questions. However, it also can become a dangerous trap. Distracted Driving has become a major topic among society. Texting while driving has caused many of today’s accident and the number one driving distraction reported by teen drivers.

In awareness of this, I want to highlight a feature that I currently use in my 2014 Toyota Corolla to help minimize distractions while driving. In my vehicle, I have Toyota Entune Premium Audio System, which has features that lets me read and send text messages hands-free. It really is quite awesome! The text message comes up on the Touch Screen Display and gives two choices to click on; “Read” or “Ignore”. Upon clicking “Read” it automatically pauses the music and reads the text out loud to me via my speakers. If I click “Ignore” it disappears. There is also a feature called “Quick Message” and has 15 pre-set messages I can click on using the hands-free controls on my steering wheel. I can click one of those messages to send out to my recipient without ever having to touch my phone. It’s really pretty cool!

Toyota offers many vehicle models with these options available, in an effort to reduce distracted driving. I have had my Corolla for about 9 months and this is probably one of my favorite features it offers. It provides me with the tools to do my part to reduce distracted driving.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to drive a Toyota.  At Vanderstyne we have a wide selection of cars, trucks, and SUV’s.  You can take a test drive in a Camry, Prius, Avalon, Corolla, and many more!  We are located at 4373 Ridge Road in Rochester, NY.  We can be reached at (888) 801-1815.


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